Banned Commercials!

June 13th, 2007

Welcome to
We bring to you the funniest and most scandalous banned commercials which never made it to the TV but because of video sharing sites, and the internet you can now view all the banned commercials from the privacy of your bedroom.

Some countries are more liberal towards the media and advertising as an art form and many ad film makes have often tried to be very bold, and this makes extremely interesting Ad commercials, but they never make it o the Superbowl or the TV. Some of these ads are only banned in more conservative countries but are not banned else. All are here none the less.

We will also try to bring you the latest news on borderlines of the advertising world where Bold admakers often cross the lines for us to enjoy.
My personal favorites are those flavored condom ads or suggestive condom ads that are banned in countries like India. Some of them are funny commercials that we couldn’t just pass even if they are not necessarily banned, but we just want to share a funny commercial or two.

I also love those Ikea ads where the creativity just overflows.. See that ad about the vibrator?
Enjoy our Banned Commercial Site.

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Megan Fox in Bra Commercial

March 12th, 2011

Is there anybody left, anyone who doesn’t have a crush on Megan Fox?
Last I heard, even gays have a hard on seeing Megan Fox. Lesbians would kill for a slice of her.
Every man’s dream, the tattooed seductress, here I present to you a video in her very best. This is a video shoot of Megan Fox for Armani Lingerie. The bro looks like she was born to wear it. Beautifully done Video. He is the real heart stealer. Move aside Ruby.

This Video is dedicated to all the men out there who would trade a night with her for a lifetime of celibacy. oh wait.

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Cleavage Clamp Ad

March 7th, 2011

This is a funny contraption. It is not the commercial or the a that caught my eye but the contraption itself. A very funny contraption that was designed just to fool the collective Menfolks.. Imagine Picking up a D who turns out to be an A, a very brutal joke for mankind.

This product should be banned lol..
Will all men please stand up in protest of this Super wonder Bra.
PS: Video is NSFW

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Ashley Madison Banned Superbowl Commercial

February 19th, 2011

Ashleymadison is the ultimate destination for vice and sin. They are quite a bold company with advertisements plastered everywhere asking you to cheat on your spouse. For some logical reasons mind you. They really do want you to cheat instead of a divorce, so that you never have to get the point of seeing a counselor. Good Business for Ashley Madison though. Great for the guys and women who wants a discreet affair. They come up with all kinds of bold commercials. This one went too far and Superbowl rejected it.

Was this actually rejected? Or was it just a media Gimmick, bu they have been promoting this ad as the Ashley Madison Commercial that was rejected from the Superbowl. And they have been pretty successful so far. Enjoy! Check out the Women on Ashley Madison now (<– Link)!

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